Thursday, November 19, 2009

a short one

Next dream ..
This is a short one .. and it involves an accident. I was on my way home driving towards my home .. and I was changing lanes .. and as I moved to my right into the middle lane (or second lane to turn right at the coming traffic light ahead) – I noticed in my rear view mirror a car coming up at speed .. so I step up my speed and as I look ahead I noticed the car infront slowed down considerably .. so to avoid hitting it, i swerve back to the left .. and think wow i am really lucky there is no car coming on my left or the left lane or I would have been hit.

But just as that moment I notice the car losing control and it starts to spin .. for a moment I think the car is going to flip and roll. But it doesn’t. In a surreal manner it just turns / spins very slowly and starts to move to the extreme left. All this while the location – the road and everything is familiar .. and I know exactly where it is .. but now .. as with most dreams .. i seem to have been transported to some other place .. and as my car moves to the left turning round and round .. i see a truck coming towards me .. and I think it might hit me .. so I reach out to press the hazard light in hope the truck will spot me and do what he can to avoid hitting me. The car comes to a stop .. the truck doesn’t hit me .. and I wake up ..

What do they all mean ... ???

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Syl said...

incidentally .. just for my own record .. the short dream also happened on wednesday. just due to P1's poor connection i was not able to post until past midnite so it shows thursday