Sunday, November 22, 2009

Perception - Interpretation

I've always been fascinated with how an individual perceives (takes in) information and then interprets the info (or data before it is converted into information really).
 Here is a joke once used by Dr. Greg Bahnsen that kinda illustrates this quite well (I think)
It's about a man who believed he was dead. His friends figured he'd have to be psychotic to believe that he was dead when he was so obviously alive. So they brought him to a psychologist.
The psychologist asked this man if he thought dead men bled. The man said "no."
So the psychologist jabbed the man with a needle when he wasn't looking. The man saw blood oozing out of his skin.
The psychologist said, "See? You're bleeding." The man looked at his skin and turned white, and said, "Oh my, dead men do bleed!"

 I guess we see what we want to see, right? How a person interprets one thing may not be how others see it.  So if we don't communicate what we understand or thinks of the world or a situation - others cannot confirm if they also see the same.  This can lead to huge misunderstandings ...

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