Monday, November 16, 2009

Creating Ripples

I wanna start this entry with an event that occured last Friday.  Actually it started on Wed or Thurs of that week when I was watching the Breakfast Show. Yeah these days I have the luxury of watching the Breakfast Show on TV7. Anyway, this particular morning one of the guest on the show was Anne Jones (Datin) - author of several books (The Ripple Effect, Heal Yourself .. to name just a few). Something about what she talked about (i.e., inner healing, healing energies etc.) attracted my attention. And when I saw the list of titles (of her books) shown on TV, I was particularly drawn to the book "The Ripple Effect."  During the Breakfast Show, I learnt that Anne would be giving a brief talk (and doing book signing) at the Curve.  So I decided then that I would really like to go attend this - and surely learn something at the event. And so I did .. went there .. witnessed the event .. briefly chatted with AJ .. and then spent the evening with friends.

When I went there, I know I was drawn to the book "The Ripples Effect."  I wanted to check it out to see if it would be something I wanted to buy. But when I was looking at several of the books authored by AJ, one other book seemed to call out to me even more at that point.  When I picked it up, it turned out to be the only one book in the pile of different titled books which was already signed.  This book is entitled "The Soul Connection."  So naturally I had to get this as well.  Well - this will be a story for another day. For now - I just wanted to make a comment about the Ripple Effect.

Took me days to get started on either of these books.  It was a "I'll start with this one"  and a "Maybe I should start with this other one" and so on .. at any rate, I finally started on TRE (altho I had been carrying the other book with me the past few days.

Although I have only covered the Foreword, Acknowledgment, and the Intro - my mind was already drawn to a possible Ripple Effect. That's what prompted me to write.  In the Intro, Anne described how her earlier work during a workshop in Malaysia led to a workbook she apparently prepared and provided participants in that workshop finding its way back to her (awareness) in England much much later when she met a person there.  She goes on to speak about how a simple smile at someone may help that person feel better .. and how having felt better that person (perhaps without even knowing it) could pass on his/her joy to yet another person to yet another person and so forth.

Just prior to reading these in this book, I had written something (I had read earlier) on my Facebook shoutout. The statement was:

Laugh your heart out - Dance in the rain - Cherish the moment - Ignore the pain - Live, Laugh, and Love. Forgive & Forget (let go). Life is too short to be living in regrets.

This led to a response from Nick, a friend of mine, who wrote:

Syl, i got a bad roster next month, going to Delhi on X'mas. :"( But... i feel great again after seeing your status. thanks.

Interestingly enough - just a little bit earlier I noticed that friend log on (MSN) and also post a message on FB. I thot to myself  "I wonder how he is doing? Hope he is well."  And lo and behold .. just moments later I get a response from my shoutout from Nick. How wonderful - our energies seem to connect so magically on their own.  And as I read the Intro in AJ's book - I thought .. perhaps this too is one of the Ripples . that will continue to be passed on from Nick to his friends and they to their friends and so on.

So - there you go. We never know where the ripples from our actions will lead. Let's make a conscious effort to pass on happiness and any good that we can offer .. that our actions may go on to be of service to someone - who perhaps may even be way across the other side of the globe. (Nick is stationed in HK altho I am not sure where he is right at this moment since he is attached to an airline and is always on the move). You never know .. the ripple may even come back to you when you most need it. :)

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