Monday, May 11, 2009

To be or not to be .. that's the question ...

Well to be more accurate, the question I am pondering at the moment is to hold on and fight or to let go??

Say if you love someone dearly or a relationship .. would you keep fighting for it to make it "work?" or would you think if you are constantly "fighting" then perhaps it is just not "right" for you?

If something is important to you, I suppose we all know we need to fight for it. Nothing good comes easy, after all - right? But I remember long long time ago reading a poem that suggested that - i.e., fight for what you want. But then it also ended by saying "but if you are always fighting, perhaps it is not meant to be" or something to that effect.

Let's be a little more specific .. say you are in a relationship. After some time together, the other person tells u, you are just not right for her (or him if you are a girl). Would you go on fighting to prove that you are the right one for her? Some would say, if you love her - you would do everything you can to keep her, right? What if she pleads with you to let her go? Would you? If you don't .. and you say because you love her - you won't give up so easily .. then what about "if you love her, you would respect her wish over your own wish?" By staying on and fighting and holding on and not letting her go "because you love her" - wouldn't that simply demonstrate you love yourself and want to do what you want more than you love her and will do what she asks you to??

If you are going to try and hold on to a relationship - how long before it's time to let you? How hard to try or to fight for it before it's time to let go? When to fight for it and when to let go??

I don't have the answer. I guess we all need to decide this for ourselves .. and there isn't one answer that fits everyone and every situation. But I think I do live more along the lines of this poem I have always remembered from my childhood:

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was.