Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A new beginning

Wow. Seems like everytime I come back here .. it has been a long while. I gotta find some way to make this my "daily" practice (or at least weekly la). Anyway, before I start on the thousands of things bouncing around in my head, I wanna "extract" something to put here cos I have a link on facebook directing those who wanna find out more to come here. So ....

"... You cannot make one move in life, make one choice, offer one viewpoint, get angry or be happy in a way that does not ripple through and affect the entire structure of your universe.

Some actions have impacts of tremendous magnitude and proportion. You have seen the action of a single person or a couple of people working together can send a shock wave, positive or negative, across the entire planetary system. And yet, at other times, the ripple seems only to pass to one person.

What you do not see is that after that ripple passes to one person, that person may pass it to the next and the next and the next. And while it may take some time, that effect can ripple through and impact the entire planetary structure. Your life is of no small consequence. It is part of a masterpiece - a masterpiece of unfathomable proportion, of immense divine consequence." (taken from ARIEL Interview with an Angel by Stevan J. Thayer and Linda Sue Nathanson Ph.D) (pp. 156-157)

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