Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wow. It has been ages AGAIN since I last entered here to write anything. Not that I have not thot of doing this - but always allowed one thing or other to distract me from this.

I wanted to start writing again after I took on the position of CEO of PRIDE Foundation back in November 2008. Then again when I put a temporary stop to NOW Services around February 2009. Now, as I enter into another phase of my life where some similar major change is about to take place in my life - maybe this is a good time to re-start this.

Anyway, the biggest factor in prompting me to start this tonite is because of someone very important to me. A request was made of me to write the following - and that has led me to do this tonite.

The subject matter on which I wish to write tonite comes from an interview of Rev. Jesse Jackson I saw on tv last nite. At one point the tv journalist asked him how he felt as one of the giants who helped paved the way (the other such giant is of course M. Luther King) for Pres Obama to be elected the first Black US President. And also if Rev. JJ wished he could have been born later so he may be where Obama is now. JJ's reply was something along the following lines:

When you visit a cemetary and look upon a thombstone, you will see two dates with a lil dash in the middle. The dates which mark the start and the end of one's life is generally beyond one's control. However, the little dash in between is where it is most important. It is there we live our lives and we have the power to determine what we do within that dash. We all have a purpose to serve - and so there is no reason to wish you were someone else or that you were born in this or that era. What we have been given is a certain time on this earth to do what we can. And we have have the ability to choose what we want to do with out lives - and thereby contribute in our own unique way. (not his exact words - but what I understood from him)

I think this is so true - and as I examine my life over the past 5 months since starting in this "new" (now not so new anymore) position .. i had all the aspirations of doing this and that - and contributing towards making a better community and society. Perhaps I have done all I can where I am now .. and need to move on and continue to seek out where I can offer a little back to my world - the world I find myself in. In one way or another - both in a "good way" and in "bad" I am sure I have had some impact on the people (some if not all) i have encountered. Perhaps that is enough - and I have to make choices that I feel is right for me rather than to stay where it makes so much sense because it is comfortable and safe.

Ok ok .. this may not be making sense to anyone reading this - especially if you don't know me or don't know my position in life now. But whether it does make sense to any other or not - it does make sense to me .. and I am ready to "go with the flow" wherever the current takes me. Plus most importantly - I have fulfilled my promise to a very dear person tonite by making this entry into my "Crazeee Thots." :) And I feel good. Gnite world - and cu again soon. :)


Anonymous said...

WOW. so what does the dash mean?

Syl said...

well i shouldn't be answering this I guess since the dash is about your life. What it means, I guess, is up to you then isn't it?

For me - the dash, the smallest part of the dd/mm/yyyy - DD/MM/YYYY, represents the most significant part of our life because it is within or during this dash that we actually get to decide how our life unfolds.

Life is all about choices - even tho somethings happen to us and we cannot alter them, but we can certainly control how we respond to them.

So whether I was born in this time or during the time of the Chinese Emperor or during Ceasar's rule of Rome or in a futuristic Star Trek era - it doesn't matter. What does matter is how I choose to live out that life and what I do during my lifetime. So - that's what the dash means to me :)