Sunday, September 21, 2008

Malaysians - Caring or Busy Body

I am sure we have all experienced this before - perhaps some, if not all, of us have also been guilty of this. What's the "this?"

Well this morning as I was trying to rush back home, I suddenly hit a traffic jam on Fed Hwy headed towards KL from Subang. Oh I know u can already guess the cause, right??

Half a km into the crawl I noticed on THE OTHER SIDE of the hwy an accident. There were policeman and a fire truck there. SO - as usual, an accident on the opposite side of the road/hwy led to a "almost stand still" on our side (moving in the opposite direction). And all this because curious drivers have to slow down (some even come to an almost stand still) just to look at what happened on the other side (or maybe to take numbers to buy). Sure enough as soon as u pass the accident, the traffic started moving smoothly again.

I thot to myself - why are people so busy-body? Then an opposing voice said "perhaps they are just concerned." Concerned? Concerned about what? DO they think they can render assistance? Come on, the firemen and police officers are already there? So why do they have to slow down and look. No, I don't think I am being "half empty" in the "half full or half empty glass" syndrome. The final analysis - people are just down right nosy. Ok ok .. a nicer word for this - people are just curious creatures.


PEOPLE :) said...

YA - when something u look into deep is hard to know the answer -:)
same as ur title

> caring = busy body ..??

human always is the trouble maker or creator .. :)

without caring is no contribute , when u care will b busybody... haha

then u choose to b caring or busy body... ????

Amy Teoh said...

Hei, u can tell quite details about the scene though! Don't u think u're also unintentionally to find out what's going on? (Ofcoz, u may defend that the traffic was slow done)-good denial.
Yes, peoples r just curious creatures including u & I.